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Grades of Membership

A. Founder Member and Life Member

Members who are original signatories of the CESD at the time of its registration. Founder members shall be life members only. No founder members can be made after registration of the CESD.

B. Executive Members.

Any person, who has attained majority in age, is engaged in or is desirous of joining the field of Employability & skill development education and Technical/Management education. To be appointed by National Executive Committee, with prior approval of three fourth majorities of the board of governance on rolls of the CESD.

B.1 Overseas Members

Foreign Nationals and Non-Resident Indians engaged in the field of Employability & skill development education and Technical/Management educational services.,

C. Corporate Members

Registered organizations, firms, companies, traders, manufacturers, associations, clubs, consulting engineer’s,builders and schools etc.

C.1  Additional Corporate Members

New and Existing Corporate members eligible for membership of their branches in different parts of India.

C.2 Overseas Corporate Members

Registered foreign and Non-Resident Indian organizations, firms and companies of contractors, traders, manufacturers, building owners, consulting engineers, architects, etc.

D. Institutional Members

Educational institutions, research organization, voluntary, charitable & similar organizations interested in the activities of the CESD.

E. Fellows

The CESD may select “Fellow” from amongst the members and eminent personalities who have made major contributions in any field of building services industry. Fellows shall be honorary members of the CESD.

F. Patrons

The CESD may select “PATRONS” from amongst the members who have made major contributions consistently over a period of time towards the cause of the CESD.

G. Student Members

Students up to 35 years of age and enrolled in any school, college, university or institution, as recognized by the National Executive Committee for that purpose. The membership shall be valid for a maximum period of 4 years only from the date of joining after which the student member may have the option of converting into other membership (Subject to confirmation of National Executive Committee) upon payment of the other membership fees prevalent at the time of conversion.