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This document formalizes the generally understood norms of conduct for Members of the CESD. It applies to all Members of the CESD. The code can be reviewed by the Council as and when required.

1) Council Decisions: CESD members are responsible for all decisions when finally taken by the CESD Board. Members are entitled to revisit decisions of the council for review, but only at meetings of the CESD.

2) Standards: All members of the CESD shall conduct themselves with the highest standards of honesty, integrity, fairness and ethics, in all their activities and especially regarding CESD EVENTS and in their work.

Shall perform their roles with competence, diligence, in good faith and act in the best interests of the CESD.

It is expected that Members of the CESD will make every effort to attend and actively participate in CESD events and Committee meetings and the programmes.

CESD Members shall provide their expertise and experience in the best interests of the CESD and its stakeholders. They should express their views without fear or favour.

When dealing with issues related to regulatory matters and government policies, members should bear in mind the primacy of the CESD and the public interest.

All decisions taken at the meetings of the CESD are final and all members are expected to respect such decision and abide by them.

Safeguard the confidentiality of all information and avoid unauthorized communication of official information received by members by virtue of their position/membership.

Members shall refrain from public criticism of CESD decisions, organizational policies / stands on key issues. Any such comments shall be confined to Council meetings and not at public platforms, and media interactions.

Only authorized member to speak on behalf of CESD in Public.

3) Enforcement and Non Adherence: Any instance of non-adherence to the above Code of Conduct / any other observed unethical behaviour on the part of any CESD member should be brought to the attention of the National Executive committee for appropriate action / resolve of the issue through a Committee. The Committee shall after investigation, recommend suitable action to the BOM.

4. Penalty for breach of Code of Conduct: Penalty may include serious disciplinary action, removal or suspension from council as well as other remedies, including recommendations for any of the above penalty, as considered appropriate by the Council under the circumstances. Council’s decision shall be final in this respect

Important notice – CESD Logo/Event Logo/Letter Heads/Business Cards etc will be printed only by the Secretariat. Any unauthorized printing/usage of CESD logo/letter head/business card etc for personal/ professional work by any Council member, General member or Non-member, would be liable for appropriate action.